So people dont like such houses? For example these houses on picture are damaged to some degree but they could be easly restored. But if they are too damaged it is easy to build new larger and better wooden houses. Russia is full of forests so wooden log houses in rural area are most logical to me. I have build banya with my father so i have some experience ;D. But i am not planing to go to Russia becouse we already have a house in Slovenia.  :D

You're totally right in this question, these houses aren't realible in Russian climate and it really makes many problems, that's why our people prefer cities only. Wooden houses are used as country cottages, it's a pure extreme to live in them here :D

It was just an example about empty villages in Russia, our people can move from Baltic countries to the cities also, but i guess Russian or Latvian governments aren't interested in this solution. Maybe Latvian politicians wanna have an "internal enemy" and to blame them in every failure, and  Kremlin wishes  to influence policy in these countries by "protecting" of Russian minorities. Also the image of Baltic "fascists" insulting soviet graves is very popular in antinationalist propaganda in Russia.