It would probably cost a fortune to restore one of those houses.  You would have to fix the roof so it doesn't destroy your widescreen TV, you would have to build an addition to have a garage for your cars, there is no computer/game room, no play room for children, no patio, no garbage disposal, no TV room, no office, no childrens rooms, no basement for pool table, no swimming pool or sauna, no bar-b-que pit, no highway to take to work, no TV cable, no shed for your riding lawn mower, no gun safe, no Central Air conditioning or heat, no refrigerator.  Probably cheaper to buy a new house.  I have an old Plantation hous on on of my properties I have never slept in, without slaves to work on it, cut firewood, paint, remove ashs, carry water, it is not practical, sometimes I go there and read booksor shoot Civil War carbines and Pistols from the library, but I would never live there.