A mod will fix these issues.  Trust me, it annoys me to see "Russian" everywhere in Eastern Europe when the term Russian was not even in this game's timeframe.  Sometimes I wonder if Paradox is retarded, because just about every game they release will have a mod which fixes all the historical errors (Magna Mundi Mod in Eu3 comes to mind.  I assume Magna Mundi the Game, which will be released in a couple of weeks, will have zero historical inaccuracies).

A mod will fix these issues but I am surprised that Paradox has limited the modding forum to registered users. . .  Comparable to Bethesda, Paradox games are all single player and the people who pirate aren't buyers anyway or want to see if the game is any good until purchasing a copy.

I used to register games on Paradox until I was banned for saying something not too nice about Germans in the off topic history section.  ;D  I think if they keep this up, I'll eventually wait until Gamersgate has a special discount for Crusader Kings 2 / Victoria 2 a House Divided (just released and it's not playable enough for me.  I am waiting for PDM to release a APD which is the mod for the expansion pack) in order to access the beta patches and mods.