Create and promote Slavic-American Leaders in the political arena


We had an Ukrainian Governor General in Canada and he was well known within the community.  However, this also applies to America too, but it's extremely uncommon to see Slavs as elected politicians.  Ironically, it's probably latent racism.  While an Anglo sees an Anglo surname or a Chinese surname ("oh Chinese are so smart" – yeah because you want your country governed like China!  >:( ) ) they'll vote for that person but getting them to vote for a person with a Slavic sounding surname may as well be impossible.

I remember when Ed Stalmach was the Premier of Alberta and I used to read a lot of forums on the internet and opinion editorials from Newspapers that made fun of him for being both Ukrainian and a farmer.  :(

Probably the same liberal Anglo a-holes from Ontario-Quebec (migrated to Prairies) who voted in Naheed Nenshi.


Like in Britain, it's ok to be racist against Slavs but coloured people and Chinese… they are the golden goose