Like in Britain, it's ok to be racist against Slavs but coloured people and Chinese… they are the golden goose

The Anglo's are in denial. They fear Slavic power. If Slavs were to rise on the world stage and start making world impacting decisions, the world would see how psychotic the British Empire was which the Brits still hold in super high esteem. And that is why they bash Nazis every chance they get. Sure, Nazis did a lot of bad shit… for 5 years. The British Empire tormented, mutilated, destroyed, plundered, raped, ravaged and enslaved for centuries on end. And so, anything not Anglo is a threat by its very comparison.

MSM is quite biased.  Higher education not to so much, I had many instructers who literally saw the British and French Empires as terrible institutions.  Even their wartime records are not too stellar.  You may reference the Holocaust in Germany, but the Anglos (Americans and British) invented the a Holocaust of their own called strategic bombardment.

Since the bombs were often incendiary the term "Holocaust" (death by fire) is quite appropriate.  You often had a-hole "Air Jockies" ("Heroes" for killing sleeping men, babies and women) massing a gigantic air armada just to wipe out small villages, towns and cities in Europe.  It wasn't just the Germans they targeted,

the entire Normandy coast (undamaged by the German invasion of France in 1940) was reduced to ruin by 1944.


Ironically, since information from the military was completely controlled back then, you had tons of boys from rural Kansas and England who thought the Germans were the ones who blew up the French countryside and that's ironic because it probably convinced them to fight harder.  ::)  ::)