the entire Normandy coast (undamaged by the German invasion of France in 1940) was reduced to ruin by 1944.


Ironically, since information from the military was completely controlled back then, you had tons of boys from rural Kansas and England who thought the Germans were the ones who blew up the French countryside and that's ironic because it probably convinced them to fight harder.  ::)  ::)

That's why DeGaulle disliked the US so much, they bombed France more than Germany ever did! I just wonder what will happen when the full civilian casualty figures and damage reports from the recent wars in the Middle East will come out. They already admitted to using Agent Orange in Vietnam, and they definitely used chemical weapons and depleted uranium in Iraq both in 1991 and 2003.

Are there any sites like this, but for Australia?

I am not sure. Do a search online. I think there are enough Slavs in Australia for there to be at least some cultural groups of the sort. After all, what is the tallest peak in Australia? :)