I don't know, Varg seems to be going down road of Quorthon (Bathory) and Darken (Graveland) in their later careers recently.

Too much output in too short time. I find none of Burzum's latest works to be especially great in exactly same way I thought of Bathory's "Nordland" albums and "Destroyer of Worlds" (those horrible 90's albums deserve no mention) or how Darken seems to be caught in this loop of releasing watered-down version of his to this day unmatched "Prawo Stali/Creed of Iron" albums. I hope I am wrong with this one.

Of course, none of what Varg has ever done was bad, just I can't say anything from his latest works inspires me really.
Still, it is great to see that he does own thing and will never be subjected to some stupid standard that most BM bands from Norway have.

Agree largely, though I have to disagree about Bathory: Blood on Ice and the two Nordland albums were high quality, of course nothing as epic as Blood Fire Death, Hammerheart or Twilight of the Gods, but still high quality. About "Requiem" and "Octagon" I will not lose a word – my god, what was he thinking or what drugs did he take when he made them?