I've found the last Burzums album Umskiptar really good. Its different from the other works. Here Varg has focused all on the poetry and emotion, especially nostalgic emotions. Some riffs are worthy of note, others tastes of old. I think it's a very different album that not everyone can enjoy. For me its enough that I like it! :P

The better songs are:

Burzum – Gullaldr (Golden Age) (Umskiptar) – 2012

Burzum – alfadanz (Elven Dance) – HQ

Burzum – Heiðr (Esteem) (Umskiptar) – 2012

Burzum – Surtr Sunnan (Black From the South) (Umskiptar) – 2012

Burzum – Valgaldr (Song Of The Fallen) (Umskiptar) – 2012


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