The nuclear bomb is the ONLY security a nation has against being invaded by the American Empire (NATO). If we look at the nations that are having a nuclear arsenal (USA, India, China, Russia, France etc.), they have never waged war against each other, nor will they EVER wage war.

Being in a position where threatened by Israel and the USA, the only sane and rational option a state has, is to get a nuclear bomb and secure themselves from being invaded, occupied and raped by the U.S. like seen in the adjacent states (Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria soon to come).

I understand Iran fully, every nation in their position and capabilities would do the same, or would you let your country turn into an American 'peacekeeping' mission?

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P.S. If people are feeling threatened of yet another nation getting a nuclear device, they should recall, that only ONE nation in the whole history was so abominable to use the bomb and even then against civilians. That nation were the U.S.