I don't get it why are Greeks so pissed about Germans who are GIVING them large amounts of money taken from GERMAN TAX PAYERS and all in turn they want a bit of fiscal conservatism.

Greeks had it easy for more than decade and lived of a unmaintanable bubble, cheap credit and most people had a hilariusly small tax. They should sell some of those uninhabited islands to Turks at a higher price and decomision a part of their military and invest in STEM edcation programs.

Hehe, I was thinking exactly same thing (not with STEM thing or selling islands, but rest indeed)! All this lazy, bloody Southern European nations must stop freeloading and actually get down to work on their economies. Soon Eastern Europe after all those wars and communism will leave them far beyond!

They don't have any industrial capabilities or resources to bargin with. Only thing they can do is invest in STEM education system and create a better environment for STEM business.