One of the laziest nations in Europe is pissed when one of the most hard-working (and thus with much more political and economic clout) nations tells it to get its act together. But that particular hard-working nation is just so easy to bash relentlessly… but in the end, I have to side with the Germans on this one. Greece is a mess. But I'd also let them leave the EU. And go after the banks that gave them idiotic loans (mainly French banks).

THAT is how Ordnung Muss Sein here.

On a related note, Poland is close to (or it just did) raise its retirement age to 67. Good. Life-expectancy was 63 when the USA set Social Security benefits to 65+ year olds. Now with people living longer and plenty information on how to lead a healthy life (no junk food and crap) there is no FREAKIN' way that most people CAN'T work til at least 65. But if you shuffle and catalogue papers in a public records office (a boring, unglorious, but necessary job) then you should easily be able to work until 67 (taking vacations here and there). Then you'll live to 77-81 (more or less the life expectancy in Europe now) and collect well-earned retirement pension and NOT drain your nation's treasury while you're at it, since by then, you'll have put a decent and fair amount of work in.