Undead, you are right to a degree. The Ottoman Empire would not be able to spread much further, but it would have gained a critical anchor point. Note, that this is basically what happened, albeit with Vienna being a neutral mediator between the Muslim South and the Christian North. If the Ottomans gained Vienna, this situation would have played out differently and in the long term, Europe, especially the Southern part, would have probably looked very different today due to more solid and lasting Turkish influence.

The Southern Slavs would, in all likelihood, not have been wiped out as the Turks made their newly conquered peoples citizens, those subject to laws and taxes, etc… Compare that to the British Empire that made its newly conquered peoples "British subjects" – people obligated to pay British imposed taxes, but essentially second class citizens, like in British India.

But who knows? Maybe if the Ottomans gained Vienna we would have the pleasure of having 30 Konzervativacs here on Slavorum! ;D

Or 300? GDN_D