Aye Jadran is definetly on roids , but thats his call , is not a secret and he earns living of it , has gym and is sposored by various nutritions , also competing with ppl who r on roids aswell. You posted Arnold who was one of first using roids and I think most times winner of mr.Olympia , greatest BB competition. All of them there are using it , we all know it and they all made a living out of it so I dont rly have nothing against it.
But for normal ppl who wont compete I would never suggest it , also I would never take it myself. BB for me is passion and fun … I rly like going to gym and although I dont have strict diet , also I drink no worries , I drink whey shake after my training and see it as perfectly natural. Ppl who make myths of proteins and various legal suplements are ignorant and dont know shit. On my mass of lets say 95kg I would need almost 200g of proteins throw food per day , and one shake grants me like 30g quick proteins after hard training , so do your maths (those who have imaginary thinking that proteins=roids etc). For those with that attitude I dont even speak in my RL , just tell them "ok go buy proteins sit home drink em and get big like me , by my guest ". Although ppl are slowly starting to understand the difference , atleast in my gym where various sportists drink it after training.
Anyhow I left subject a bit , but same could be say for Olympia guys , everyone could get steroids , myself , you … but we would never look like them , 99% wont look like Arnold , if you get my point. Also I dont wanna look like Jadran for example and even though I am aware of that fact , and his steroid use I can motivate myself to do a good training , so I dont rly care bout is he "cheating" or not.

Yeah i posted Arny as the man is just a legend and a person that kind of brought me to the whole thing, however when you get into bodybuilding you on end understand that roids=cheating that makes you a hormone drug enhanced athlete then. I personally kind of try to combine the gymnastic streanghts exercises with selfweight and bodybuilding weight training and it's pretty good. I'd post a pic of my gains and what i have achieved but i think none would be interested ;D

In end all muscle gains depend on your testosterone levels. So all you guys that lose hair due to genetics, higher testosterone levels that is, you should try to hit the gym on few occasions because you would see nice gains with good diet and half-decent program. However looking like Arnold, hard thing to achieve. For example i could achieve the size globally but i'd have much more fat and i couldn't achieve cherrypicked size as he did, huge arms, shoulders and a V torso but small waist.

Imo these are the people to look upon:

Magnus Samuelsson, Swedish strongman. He for example isn't the best or strongest strongman but he's roid free for example.
but as you can see, much more fat than Arnold. It's hard to achieve (if even possible at all) Arnolds body type without roids unfortunately.