I'm afraid to hit the Gym that hard because unfortunately, if Magnus was wearing a shirt or a jacket, he could be mistaken for being overweight / fat.

I agree, there are black and white photos of Body Builders from the 1930s and earlier and NONE of them look like Arnold or all these Roid-Machines, at best they either looked like Magnus or a Roman statue (one not of a God)

Yeah, Magnus looks really massive and as a fat heathly chump. However if the guy wen't on a less carb intake diet he would look much more defined and lean, but again if he would do that he wouldn't have the energy to lift hard as he lifts now and eventually he would lose some muscle size due to less weight lifted, it's a magic circle that you can only break if you use roids :/

as for natural bb-ers, this is how a person would look:
The Great Eugen Sandow:Father of Modern Bodybuilding
the poor guy didn't even had the protein shakes ;D