It scares me that men today are trying to look like either stupid bodybuilders or n*****s. Why does everybody want to loose all of their fat? Fat is necessary to survive and having 0% fat is surely not better than be strong and having some fat (like bodies of European man naturally have; n*****s don't, thats why they cannot swim good). It doesn't look good to see pumped up muscles which seem like if they were strong. Also, a man using steroids is a dumb and weak faggot.
My husband to be is not pumping but training to be strong. His brother is pumping because he is reading Mens Health, that dumb magazine telling men how they exactly should NOT be. He has way more mass and many would say that he is stronger than my man. But he isn't, they are exactly same strong, proved in arm wrestling. My man is eating what I cook him, not protein shakes or something like that (only tuna and turkey, which are rich of protein and have less fat). He doesn't go into the gym, he is training at home or in the forest. Everything just naturally. He is beautiful and just looks natural and strong.

Always remember: Women want men who can protect them.

*Bodybuilding is about gaining muscle size,
*Powerlifting is about gaining strenghts,
*Olympic weightlifting is about gaining explosive power
– however with all three you gain all there mentioned which are size, strenghts and power, only the emphasize is on the one you chose

as for the protein shakes and other, yes they're needed however they aren't needed for amateur category i.e. casual recreative  as your husband who doesn't works hard enough. Absolutely all athletes from all sports use protein shakes with high-protein diets… hell even ancient Greeks, Spartans, knew how diet is important for their soldiers to get the best of their performance.

No one can have 0% bodyfat becase you would die however most athletes (not only bodybuilders), hover around 8-10% bodyfat is a healthy amount that does you good in looks, health and sports. Bodyfat is usually considered (to athletes) as a nuisance because it rises your body weight while it helps nor adds to nothing such as strength, condition/cardio etc thus around 8-10% is perfect body fat for athletes  that alowes your body to be mostly composed of muscle tissue rather than fat meaning better performace and yet the amount is still healthy as an energy supply and due to hearth conditioning it's healthy not to have high bodyfat.

Most athletes have low bodyfat:

Phelps (swimmer)

Cro cop (fighter)

Damien Walters (gymnast)

Arnold (bb-er)

American navy seals (soldiers)

[img width=700 height=466]http://blog.sevanmatossian.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/mikko-2011-rogue-medium.jpg” />
Mikko Salo (cross fit athlete)

CrossFit Games – Blair Morrison by Reebok

so it's even funny that you ask such a question. The fact that your husband has fat is the reason he would probably run out of air 50% faster than the guys above becase of bodyfat while his strengths are maybe just a bit better than his brother(if he's low fat). Buy a book, read, learn, live…and my girl (neither any before) has no problem with me being muscled up and low in fat, why would any girl hate the fact that you're fit and strong lmao. /mindblown