Calm down… I don't understand why you got me that wrong. I didn't accuse anyone here, otherwise I would have quoted; I wrote something on my opinion of beauty-ideals today, that's why forum's exist, to write about knowledge and opinion. The guys on the photos you've posted don't look unnatural (I didn't analyse each one), except Schwarzenegger. I don't think that I have to tell what's the difference between Schwarzenegger and e.g. Phelps, it's obvious. It is just not right that there cannot be seen differences between a Bodybuilder and an (olympic) Powerlifter. I never said anything against strenght, a man MUST be strong, otherwise he is not a man. He has to have some fat but not 0% fat, because it isn't healthy if you don't have any fat. I have something against people training to look like if they were strong without being strong, and use unnatural methods to do so, like bodybuilders, who some time later will look like on the photo, because it was unnatural training:


So where is the problem? Why do you think that I have this opinion:

why would any girl hate the fact that you're fit and strong

when I wrote

Women want men who can protect them.

Nothing of what you wrote is an argument against me, because I don't have the opinion which would make them to arguments against me.
Am I using false expressions or are people here just more aggressive than I know from other boards? I really don't understand =/
Though, sorry for the misunderstanding, if it is my fault.

PS: I have doctors in my family and many sport-fans, I'm not an expert but also not a silly girl talking sh*t without knowing anything about the topic. My man isn't fat, as I told he has some fat (just like you and all natural strong men!) and he gets natural protein but not unnatural protein from common USA-imported protein shakes which have so much protein that you can build up muscleas and coincidentally damage your liver and kidney. Maybe we are talking past each other. I don't know.