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IMO it will be Ok to play for the Slovak domain.

<a href="http://www.slavorum.com/index.php?topic=546.0">Principality of Nitra</a> existed till the 12th century.

There are <a href="http://www.slavorum.com/index.php?topic=291.0">mentions of Slovaks</a> at those times. Read my posts in that thread you'll find informations. The official history states that Old Slovaks formed after the unwilling disunion from Old Moravians in the 10th century and integration of Old Slovaks into new Kingdom of Hungary in the beginning of the 11th century (and integration of Old Moravians into Czech kingdom). However, you can find mentions of Old Slovaks also in the 9th century under the name Sloveni (e.g. in poem Proglas which was dedicated to the people of Magna Moravia – Sloveni) that was used till the 15th/16th century and is still used in female form Slovenky as you surely know.

Now I'm going to sleep, I will answer to next questions later.  :)

Btw. if you're asking about Slovak aristocracy, <a href="http://www.diviaky.sk/rservice.php?akce=tisk&cisloclanku=2006022802">check this link.</a> Also later I will send you a work about Slovak aristocracy. The problem is that the Hungarian nobility was truly international and multinational in the meaning the noblemen were of different origin and they used Latin for a very long time (till the 19th century). So, the Hungarian nobility WAS NOT explicitly ethnic Magyar nobility, of course!