In the game its the COA of some prince-bishporic which is currently holding a province there . Kingdoms/Duchys/Countys have their own historical COAs , however Baronyes/Bishporics/Cityes inside the countys have their COA generated randomly . Thats the case of this province too . They changed the capital to a bishporic so the COA that shows up is a randomly generated one . The map before was showing the DeJure duchyes however with the DeFacto owners . It can be a bit confusing .

This is what the COA of the Duchy of Carinthia looks like in the game . ( and the COAs of its 4 De Jure countys ) . The COAs of countys on the slovakian territories were accurate . Iam geussing these one are too .

[IMG]http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/2878/carinthia.th.jpg” />