yes, but does that mean we all have same origin, or what? I guess it is the matter of who was first, for exmpl croats or serbs, cuz if we have similar surnames then we must have same origins. Also some names like Roman or Javor etc that are completely different, I havent found anything on those. I ask cuz I know people here in Croatian with those names. ISnt Roman supposed to be russian? I mean their tzar was called Romanov. But then again romans used to be italians, also romans are concidered spaniard and frech and romainan peoples. I dont know, its all so confusing to me!

Ić was firstly patronym, so you had duke Mladen, his son was sevastokrator Branko Mladenović, Branko's son was Vuk Branković, simillar was in Rus', Svyatoslav, Vladimir Svytoslavich…
In Serbia and Croatia, majority of surnames are derived from such patronyms. Example, Vuk Branković's son was Đurađ Branković (not Vuković).
Roman is name of Christian saint, who is more popular among Orthodox Christians, hence popularity of that name in Russia.


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