My surname hasn't appeared on one list yet, though I've seen it frequently throughout Polish, Ukrainian, Rusyn, and even some Russian persons.

My surname is Spiwak/Spivak/Spewak.  All three spellings are used in my family. LOL

I asked becouse it seems like serbian people is the oldest and that others come from them acctually. Maybe I got the wrong impression. I also read few different explanations. For example, I found my lastname on that list Cvetinov posted, while I read from one other source that my surname comes originally from Istra (Croatia).
There are too many conflicting sources. Some say Croats come from Celts, some that we are Slavs and that all Slavs originate in Ukraine. Many people look at things too subjectivly, mostly in Croatia and Serbia, so they make up different teories to fullfill their ideas, I think.

Honestly, most things I have read present Serbs are being one of the oldest Slavic tribes known to man.  Unfortunately, I don't have some of the books I've read that in.  They were loaned to me by my boyfriend's close friend. I will try to get some of the names of books and authors.


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