Such an idiot. This nut case is probably some sort of liberal. What has his country contributed to European culture? Off the top of my head very little comes to mind. For him Europe is probably just Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK.

"Nobody on the Balkans knows what a Chanel costume is, about the culinary art of Bokus , Pippi Longstocking, English gardens, Montaigne's Essays, Lego toys, etc", he writes.

Chanel costumes, how do these have anything to do with European culture unless he considers European culture a country's consumer goods and pop culture. These are not folk or traditional culture which is abundant in the east. This man's mentality is more suited to the US. Who cares about Lego or Bokus? How have these defined the history of Europe?

Maybe he hates eastern Europe and the Balkans because they actually have cultures and have not become Westernised into post-modern nothingness.