Having been to the "dirty Balkans", I would point out to this Dutchman that cities like Split, Dubrovnik and Sarajevo are cleaner looking (and safer) than many cities in Britain. 

Actually he isn't saying anything against Croatia, in fact:

He claims that tourists sigh with relief and can "finally feel back in Europe" once they enter the Croatian part of Mostar.

However the man is a tool. Most of them that speak that way are the people that never visited some of those countries, yet they bath in their cradle of multiculturalism and spread hate towards Eastern and south-Eastern Europeans so it's pretty ironic.

As for the thing about that eastern Europeans didn't brought anything to collective European heritage is pretty much hilarious. Just some of the mainstrean famous things are Electricity, first man in space, folklore legends of vampires and werewolf's, Ak-47, communism and socialism (even thought bad it still counts as a major political influence invented) and many others…besides Mr.Geert Wilders is even wearing one Slavic thing on himself everyday, a necktie. ::) but i believe they think everything is "theirs" because they gave it a name in Germanic language but if one would trace origin of most things be it inventions or cultural aspects they would eventually understand their present day culture is a mixture made of other ethnicity inventions and cultural traits that they borrowed and incorporated in their own.