I find it pretty anoying.Although i love vikings,i just don't understand why the whole world considers them superior over other nations.I have no problem when bands like these actually admit that they are vikings,but when I see those bands who claim "oh we are totally viking,our ancestry is 100 procent nordic,we just live in Slavic country".Bands like Wandersword.Although I love their music,I still think they are a bunch of guys who are jelaous to nordic nations(i dont know why).And a few days ago,on youtube,there was some guy who was all like "I hate northern europe".I dont say he's right,listen to the whole story.And a few guys responded to him.One of them was like"If you really hate Scandinavia&co.,take your ass out of Earth.You shall hail the mighty nords,sons of Odin,which rule the world with iron fist,bla bla bla…"It would be all right if he was from North,but he was from Macedonia.Sometimes,despite all my patriotic feeling,I feel ashamed of being Slavic,cause of some stupid people.That was one of those moments.


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