One question to metal fans,what is your's oppinion about slavic bands(graveland,temnozor,kroda and others)who sings about vikings,drakkars,Odin,Thor and simmilar stuff ?

Hate it. In fact, I refuse to listen to such bands. We have our own culture and we should be singing about it/promoting it. The market is already saturated with viking-related garbage, if Slavic bands worked to promote our history and culture, perhaps more Slavs (and others) would know the names of Perun, Dazbog, etc. Look at what Arkona (being the most famous, but there are others) have achieved. If every Slavic band had the same resilience, passion, and drive, the metal scene may be different.

But, while musicians like to think they are interesting and individualistic and rebellious and all the rest of it… They are human. Therefore, they need to eat. Therefore, they will sell their souls and sing about anything in order to get rich and famous. Since no one knows about Perun, they'll sing about Thor instead, as that'll put bread on the table. Either that or they're morons who are not in touch with their own roots and have joined the rest of the world in this sickening viking-fetish. In any case, they are idiots who do not deserve money to be spent on them to buy their albums, nor fans to sing them praises.

Culture and history once again get left by the wayside for coins in the pocket.