Like all changes round the globe, to make way for the new dominant Sun Cults (even the pagans) which has started around 1000 bc, it reached its final destruction of the goddess around the 15th century, even the pagan Slavs destroyed many symbols or like Hitler, demonized them, much like female shamans were demonized called Baba Jaga. After the Goddess Cults were being destroyed, Pagan men and Religious men fought to see who would dominate during the eras and we know who won. Now, the triskel wheel is turning again and the woman is reclaiming what she has lost. The remembrance that comes through women will be the new symbols and the rising of the moon cultures and shamanic cultures once again as dominant in order to re-balance bringing the sun cults back down to fifty percent and rising the moon cults fifty percent and this restores balance. The triple symbol in any form, even the triskel in the slavic traditions will be restored.