Well, Celtic languages are quite well attested, since they are living languages

Well if you mean slavic languages being the living celtic languages then you are right. There are also lots of celtic influences in the surrounding languages like germanic, italic, gaulish.  ;)
But if you mean Irish, Scots, Welsh, Breton… then you are wrong. These languages have little to do with Celtic (central eauropean) languages. They are Gaelic or Goidelic languages which belong to the atlantic languages the same as the round house architecture. Those few "Celtic" words you find in gaelic languages are either PIE or borowings from slavic or scandinavian and germanic languages. 
Here is the problem:
These atlantic languages have been proclaimed to be celtic by the English as propaganda weapon to be used against German Germanic propaganda. They looked at gaelic languages, looked at all the other european languages, saw that these gaelic languages are not germanic, not romanic, not slavic so they had to be Celtic. So they postulated that these languages are celtic, and then said that all the pople who speak celtic languages are celtic.
At the same time La tene and Halshtat was proclaimed to be Celtic culture. But two have very little in common. There is very little La tene and Halshtat material culture in the brittish isles. And no Gaelic languages in central europe. 
So now the definition of what is Celtic has been expanded to say: Celtic is any culture where celtic (gaelic) languages are spoken or were spoken, and or where celtic (la tene, halshtat) artefacts were found…

Here is a proto celtic dictionary:


here is a short list of common "celtic" and slavic words. it shows that there was definitely linguistic overlapping between celts and slavs. some of the words have common PIE root and are found in some other europen languages. but some are only found in slavic languages, particularly in south slavic (serbo croatian) languages.

english | proto-celtic | serbian
(*curly) hair | *gourjo- | kovrdzava/grgurava (curly) kosa (hair)
(be) quiet | *tauso- | tiho (quiet), tišina (silence)
(night)mare | *moro- | mora
(sea-)harbour | *kaφno- | kopno (coast e.g. when looked from see)
(who/what)soever | *kʷinnako- (??) | ionako
*heap (?) | *tus-tV- (Gall., B), *teus-t- (W, B) | tušta (abundance of something.. e.g. on heap)
story | kastu | kazati (to tell)

less obvious cognates
*battle-leader |*ioudo-walo- | ioudo -> ljudi = people, thus leader of people not of battle
(hind)quarter (?) | *kʷetr-anī(-) (?) | obviously derived from number 4 – četiri, četvrt (quarter)

obviousu cognates

english | proto-Celtic | serbian
a third | *trijano- (?) | trećina

less obvious
accuse | *kom-soud-e/o- (?) | sud = court, judgement "kome sude" = the one who is accused

acorn (fruit of oak tree) | *messu | meso (meat) as eatable inner part of usually animals, but sometimes used for fruits as well…

obvious cognjates

english | proto-celtic | serbian

air | *weto | vetar (wind)
agriculture | *aro | orati (to plow), oranje (plow as verb and noun)
ahead | *(?) φrākoair | preko (across)
all, every | *kʷākʷo | svako

less obvious

allow | *dam-je/o- | dam je ('I give her', as in allowing e.g. marriage of daughter)
against | *writ(i) | protiv
although | *kei, *ki (?) | iako

english | proto-celtic | serbian

anger | *wi-s- (??) | bes (anger)
anger | *lūto | ljuto (angry)
ant | *morwi- | mrav

english | proto-Celtic | serbian (slavic)

assemble | *kom-datl-āje/o | komad (piece), komadati (disassemble)
aunt |*mātṛkʷā | mater (mother), matorka (older lady in slang)
ball | *glāwo- (?) | glava (head)
be dark | (*teme-) | taman (dark)
bitter | *gorsti- (?) | gorki
blame | *karjā | karati
blame | *kʷin-u- (?) | kinjiti
blood | *kruwos- (?) | krv
bloody | (*krewa-) | krvav
blunt, short | *mutt | mutav (blunt, mute)
boil | *brenn(j)e/o- (?) | vrenje
bow | (*le(n)k- (?)) | luk

not so obvious cogjates
being | buti | biti (to be), budi (you be)
beetle | *swīlā- (?) | svila (silk)
bed | *leg-jo, *legos | lego ja ( I have lay down to sleep)
benefit |*su-koro | korist
before | *φar(a) | pre
belt | *krisso | kaiš


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