Celts were some tribe but later the name was applied to wider group of related tribes.

Well i believe that the answer to the question who were Celts is in this work by Pavel Serafimov:

Combined analysis of languages, historical sources, burial types, architecture and religion
reveals that a part of the Gauls called also Celts were in fact a Western Slavic branch consisting
of different tribes who inhabited the lands of ancient France, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary,
etc. These people were responsible for the spread of iron in Central and Western Europe and
were also the ones to whom the ethnonym Celts was applied for the first time. Unless other
ancient testimonies or new archaeological discoveries appear, it should be admitted that Slavic
tribes inhabited not only Eastern, but also Central and Western Europe in the deep antiquity
and were strong, highly developed people, who influenced many others. Novel evidence of
Slavic presence in Western Europe and British Isles is presented in this paper. Scientific method
demands that the opposing arguments and theories have to be considered. Counter evidence
and counter arguments are welcome.



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