Searching for Morozko, the russian movie from 1964 by Aleksandr Rou I found this:

These are beautiful old-school animations.  :)

In a village Masha forgets to mind little Vanya. He is spirited away by magical birds to become Baba Yaga's next meal. On the journey to rescue her little brother, Masha helps three magical creatures, who in turn repay her for the kindness she showed them. (1949)  19 minutes

Гуси Лебеди

Alenushka and little brother Ivanushka
Two children lived in a hut at the edge of the woods: Alena and little Vanya. While Alena is raking hay, Vanya insensibly drinks from a magic puddle and turns into a little goat. Alena is espied by a handsome rider who asks for her hand come autumn. In the meantime, Vanya is lured away from home by a witch in the guise of a crow. The witch also drowns Alena when she comes in search of her brother. The hero returns to defeat the witch and save the siblings. (1953) 11 minutes

Сестрица Аленушка и братец Иванушка

The Little Scarlet Flower. This is a masterpiece from old-school animiations. (1952) 40 minutes. There are  good chances animation with English subs or properly translated versions can be found. I found with English subs, the quality of video was not very good.

Аленький цветочек


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