Well as far Slovene Sokoli history goes i know that they were mostly pro-Slavic but had no special political program in begining but after some time many Sokoli leaders became extreamly left wing so more conservative Sokoli seperated and created Orli but they were all pretty much the same in general concept.

I don't think so. AFAIK Sokol shared the ideology of JDS, which was liberalism and unitarist Yugoslavism, which gave rise to a rival (and bigger) sports society Orel, which shared the ideology of SLS, which was Catholic conservatism and a more particularist Slovene nationalism that was only conditionally Yugoslavist (the condition being concessions toward greater autonomy from Belgrade up to possibly, but not necessarily federalism).

BTW: Does anybody know if the Sokol organization had its own anthem, and if yes what it was? (I heard somewhere its anthem was the basis for the Serbian/Croat patriotic song Oj Srbijo Mati/Oj Hrvatska Mati, and would be interested to know if that is the truth.)


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