Hey guys, it’s been years since you all commented on this thread but I’m hoping you might all be following it still. Both of my grandparents are from former Yugoslavia and were/are ethnically German (Donauschwaben). My Oma was from the Serbian part, my Opa from the Croatian part. For 4 months this year I travelled former Yugoslavia and found a new understanding of what it meant to be displaced in a land that I had originally thought was their home. After my Oma’s concentration camp and my Opa’s work camp, they met at a refugee camp. From there they moved to the United States as indentured servants with nothing to their name. While I would love to obtain a passport to connect with my history, I would even more appreciate a connection to other people of similar history (especially while my Opa is still alive, who would appreciate, welcome and enjoy stories from possible connections of the past). If you’re still here, I’d love to connect.