let me give you an example, its a bosnian postmodern joke as i like to cal it.

 its 1993, during most difficult time in war. now Huso and Haso are on the first frontline in 
trenches for several days. now in one moment Haso need to take a shit so he ask Huso can he do it there in trench, cos he might get killed if he go out of it. but Huso did not want him to shit where they are so he tells him to go to the woods. But they kill me if i leave! I dont care you are not gonna shit here! so he in the end go for the forest to do his thing. time passes and Huso start to feel guilty. time passes and passes and he definitely thought that his friend died. but after 4 hours Haso coming with big smile on his face. huso start to ask him :where have you been so long, i thought you are dead? then Haso start to explain what happened. when i leave for the forest i almost got killed but somehow i reach the wood and than i saw Fata, and then we had an incredible sex, all positions, from behind…. all positions! than Huso asked him :did she suck your dick? did she, did she? dear Huso how could she? she was decapitaded”  
 so thats the joke, i find it very funny.
HUSO HASO FATA are usual   
characters in bosnian jokes. i hope you find it funny, but if not its OK