These Christmas toys are gorgeous! I saw ornaments similar to this at the Polish Art Center in my state. They were designed by Polish-American Christopher Radko. He hired Polish glassblowers to help design his ornaments.

It all began with a family; in 1984, Christopher Radko and his family decorated the tree as always, with
a treasured collection of over 2,000 mouth-blown, European glass ornaments. Their Christmas tree had become a family diary of sorts, a story to go with each ornament. One week before Christmas, tragedy struck. They had purchased a new Christmas tree stand, perhaps a flaw in the metal, or maybe fate, whatever the reason the stand gave way and the tree crashed to the floor, shattering almost every ornament. Cherished family memories, traditions, lying under the tree with the broken pieces.
Heartbroken, Christopher was determined to restore them for his family. Unfortunately the ornaments in the United States, at that time, where made mostly of plastic and Styrofoam, which couldn’t possibly replace the handmade treasures his family had collected. The following spring, while visiting cousins in Poland, Christopher began looking for glass ornaments, and found what he was looking for.