Maybe it’s a secret for someone but every nation in the world is undermined by ideology of their government. :)

“3rd world war to defend Ukraine” I suppose it’s a sarcasm? Ukraine has Nato to defent it.

As for Russians and Ukrainians we just have long history in common, thus long trade and other economical relations, same language and culture, besides east Ukraine are almost Russians. More over Ukraine are our buffer  in case of war. So of course russian Government don’t want to lose that all. Ukranian government want to use both EU and Russia so actually it’s all their fault for what now is happening with their county. If they wanted so much independence they must cut all relations with Russia but they don’ t want to, they like cheap gas. As I see it Ukraine is weak dependable country that can’t exist without being in some Union, USSR or EU or USA. Now it want to cut ties with Russia but don’t trust EU so Ukrain united with USA against EU and Russia. 

Belarus was later, Belarus is independant, and dont ask Russia anything for free that’s why we are not so close and it’s great.

 Also there are many Ukranians immigrated to Russia, they are immigrating even now nstead of immigratin into EU. So these Ukranians don’t want to leave their connections with Ukraine that’s all the problem.  Only old generation that has these connections care about Ukraine, new generation born in Russia don’t care and frankly already is starting to hate these conections. So it’s a question of time.

It’s a bullshit about some russian love for Kiev. Kiev was forgoten just after Moscow consolidated lands as new capital and beated Mongols.