I’m Russian girl. When I was in Paris 3 years ago, while sightseeing I was harrased by all types of Frenchmen. It was awfull!!! They grabed me by the hands while I was taking selfies, they touched me!! I couldn’t go anywhere alone!!! They tried to pick up me even in Louvre!

Nex year I visited Italy it was the same, esspesially in Rome (in Florence men were a bit more well-mannered), I can’t forget how one person started to invite me right off the spot to the restrant, I strictly refused 3 times saying I’m a tourist and he desturbes me while I take pictures! he just  comepletely ignored what I was saying!!! Next day it was even worse, it was another man with another invitation to the restrant, after I refused him 3 times, I just started to ignore him, he begun to stulker me.  He chase me a few quarters, while I visited two museums he still stalkered me by the exit. I was so affraid that I came to the policemen. That was horrible! It ruined all my memories of Italy! Worst weekends in my life!

Next summer in Berlin was much the same.

So I don’t like talks about slutty Russian girls!