@Shaokang I know what you mean about Germany, trust me I have no desire of going there, but many people do (tell me you don’t have some relatives there :smiley:)I know there’s a hype, but it’s based on real numbers. Of course  you can stay an work here, but you’ll have to move to Belgrade, Novi Sad or somewhere similar because there simply isn’t place for you in smaller places. I have a relative who travels around 80km every day to his job because of this and you know traveling that much to work simply isn’t a thing here. I’d love to be able to stay here, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to. I don’t know where are you from, but when you are in a small town you just see it happening, unemployment can be up to 30%, people take every chance here. You don’t know how many people here goes to Slovakia, Malta or on cruisers. You mention technical field, my impression is that it’s easy if you’re a programmer, otherwise not so much. Many of my future colleagues, work as programmers, but that’s not our primary field.
EDIT: and again look what happened in Croatia after EU, it’s going to happen to us when we enter, if there even is what to enter by that time.