@Dušan Yes, many people go to Germany. Austria too. Can’t deny the facts. Many people don’t think rational when they plan to move out. They just move because they feel bitter or frustrated. Even this bitterness or frustration is not their own but acquired from other people. I think those people don’t appreciate their own effort, and don’t know the actual worth of their skills. Though the biggest problem for many of those that leave is not the country, but they themselves, starting from their mindset. You surely know what I think, lots of them fall into category of “What has this country done for me?”.

I know people from smaller cities in Serbia, I know the situation. I think small environments could be great for developing start up or other forms of small businesses (not just IT businesses but all kinds of) or even freelance work. Being engineer (I assume you’ll be one of them) in a classical sense requires you to be settled in more industrial areas. Unfortunately those are globally a blue-collar jobs today, not just in former Yugoslavian countries. There aren’t many jobs in factories right now because industry is getting back to it feet after years of embargo and/or mismanagement.