I absolutely agree with Povhec, Slavic mythology is unknown basicaly because it is very poorely recorded. All I can find even within my own country is just some shreds of information basicaly collected by some amaters like myself.
We don’t have essential books in the first place, to teach people.

 If you take read Greek mythology they basicaly have very confused descriptions of gods and sometimes the same myths have variations so we don’t have be afraid that slavic mythology are unsertain and complex. I think all mythology has the same problems as all the myths are very old and nobody knows the “real truth” behind them. So we just have to start from small thing. At least from a book.

As for Nordic mythology it basically became known by the world thanks to Hollywood, as bloody fights and battles attract many attention thus money for filmmakers.

Hollywood has such a power to creat mainstream that it’s impossible to compete with it. But I believe that small afforts like this forum for example, are doing good in that dirrection.

Besides, as the world art became digital and internet is almost everywhere, it gives chances for individual artists or just talanted people with small finances to make some great works and show them to the world and it’s realy cool. B)