What about me?

I'm born in Berlin, Germany. My maternal language is German. So am I determined to follow Asatru or Odinism, even when the last pagans in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern were Slavic? My grandmother is from Rügen where once Lord Swantevit's temple was.

I might be born with German nationality and I belong to the German language group. But what about my blood? What about my gens? What about my ancestors?

BTW: Greek gods aren't all pure Greek: Zeus came with the Indo-Europeans, Hera and Athena are pre-Hellenic, Aphrodite and Artemis are oriental… so why couldn't I honour the deities that were honoured in my birthplace (Tryglaw, Swantevit) just because they're Slavic and I'm not (for sure)? I might be a German but I also could be a Germanized Slav, descendant of the Wendish people. Couldn't that be possible.

I'm not really a Rodnover. I'm just a postmodern polytheist born in an area that was influenced by many linguistic groups. And the last pagans were Slavic tribes who became christianized and Germanized. Lord Swantevit belongs as much to my pagan heritage as to that of Slavic people.

Bingo! :D Welcome back brother! :D