I'll post Slovak movies that I like the most. They are based on books/folk tales.

Ako divé husi –  Triptych of one family of a Slovakian Juraj Kypús.

AKO DIVÉ HUSI – extract 1 (Slovak movie)

Málka – The love affair between chief shepherd and young maid Málka which ends up with the death of Málka. A Slovak movie Málka was made by the story Málka by prosaist František Švantner, main author of the Slovak naturalism.

MÁLKA (Slovak movie)

Zuzanka Hraškovie – It's about a young girl who loses her mother and gains a new stepmother. This stepmother beats her and Zuzanka doesn't accept her as a mother. In the end Zuzanka runs toward a grave of her mom and then she wants to wash her feet in a brook. She slips and dies in the brook. It's based on a poem by Pavol O. Hviezdoslav (19th century).


Popolvár, najväčší na svete – a movie based on a Slovak folk tale. It's about a princess Lásky Kvet who loves gems and young peasant Popolvár who saved her from a cave in which she was trapped (she was attracted to the gems there, but a demonic ruler Zemetras of the Stone valley confined her in the cave).


There are only these scenes of Lásky Kvet on youtube:

Slavic princess

Tisícročná včela – a saga of the family Pichandovci. Magical realism elements.

Tisícročná včela, 1983 (trailer)

Knieža – historical drama about the Prince Pribina, ruler of Nitrian principality ( http://www.slavorum.com/index.php/topic,546.0.html ) in the 9th century.




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