There is a movie Parada from Sebia.It's one hell of a funny movie.Its talking about homophobia.Main guy,Limun(Lemon)(Nikola Kojo) has to protect the gays in the Pride(a parade when gays go onto the streets,carrying T-shirts which reads something like "We can live together" and such shit).No guy from his judo club want to join(actually,they are preparing to beat the gays).Limun than calls his ex-enemies from Domovinski war in Yugoslavia,now his best friends:Niko,a Croatian war veteran,Halil,Bosnian muslim, and Azem,an Albanian from Kosovo.They will protect THE PARADE:4 guys against around 200 skinheads.
you can read more about it here:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1784575/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl
My favorite moments are when Limun is explaining how him and Niko met(back in Yugoslavian war).And when the day of the parade,the day to fight has come,Niko says:
"I can't believe it.I'll beat the sh*t out of bunch of Serbs in the middle of Belgrade!"
p.s. Pearl,which is mentioned few times in the link,is actually Biserka,Limun's wife.



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