One of the my great-grandfathers was also an officer in AU, than in Royal army of Kingdom SHS :)
Other one from my father side was an AU soldier, later he was killed in combat with Serbian units in Serbia.
My family (granny side) was well connected with Stjepan Radić and Croatian Peasant Party. He was a godfather for one child in that family, but i`m not sure which one, because it was a very large family which lived in zadruga. This zadruga had 47 members, whic is a very large type of zadruga. Even today when i come to the old house picture of Stjepan Radić hang on the wall. So many countries had change, so many leaders, but no one had ever change the picture of Stjepan. King, Pavelić, Tito and Tuđman couldn`t change the good old Stjepan :)