As my grandpa used to say, partizans considered domobrani as kind of mobile warehouse – if they knew that new units would be formed and equipped, they would attack very next day to take their arms, clothes, footwear and any supplies in general – leaving them in underwear only. Of course, those people hardly had a choice to return home (because ustaše would punish them in many ways), so lot of them eventually joined partisans. And there were also mass moves from unit to unit after fall of Italy (end of 1943./early 1944.), widely agreed on both sides.

About what happened in 1945. in Slovenia/Austria would be useless and not sane for this forum to open discussion even between well intentioned people – everybody had too much victims in family in the big butchery 1941. – 1945.; one thing I must admit: had heard lot of things in my lifetime, but not even most hard Cro-nationalist accusing (at least not mainly) Serbs for Bleiburg. It has always been considered more like inter-Croatian payoff on ideological grounds, same as Serb collaborators were executed same time same place. And there are also two things of importance: first, it's obvious only Hajle Selasije Car Azije I Afrike himself was in position to order that; second, with those random executions had gone even possibility of correct fact-finding but the things were swept under the carpet, unfortunately 'till the next occasion.