Хан Аспару̀х/Han Asparuh (Khan Asparuh) – 1981
This is an epic screen presentation showing the creation, the consolidation and the power of First Bulgarian Kingdom and the first Bulgarian ruler Khan Asparuh. The 7th century is the time of the Great Migration of the Peoples. Under the pressure of the invaders the proto-Bulgarian tribes of Khan Kubrat are forced to split in four parts in the hope that one would survive. For twenty long years Kubrat's youngest son Khan Asparoukh led his people across many foreign lands to find eventually a new homeland on the Balkan Peninsula and this time forever. The story is told by Byzantine Velisarius, a hostage with the Bulgarian who witnesses the whole of their difficult march. He sees the suffering of the people whom he already feels close to his heart and the personal drama of their Khan Asparoukh. In 681, in alliance with the local Slav tribes, the proto-Bulgarian deal a decisive blow on numerous Byzantine army, thus 13 centuries ago the foundations of the Bulgarian state and nation were laid down.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
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Personal note: Haven't seen it yet, but it seems an interesting movie, depicting the pagan history of the southern Slavs.


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