BalticBoy, she is not saying that the world today is the opposite of what he warned against. It is the opposite of what he wanted. It is precisely what he warned against: weak cultures with weak morals and full of biiter people with broken spirits and weak ambitions.

Nietzsche NEVER advocated decadence. He was disgusted by the decadence that had infected german society in his day. And he blamed much of that decadence on the institutions of christianity. Nor did he promote nihilism. Ever. He ranted about it a lot but never seeing it as a positive force in the world. On the contrary, he saw it's potential to destroy germany (and perhaps the rest of the world as well).

In his writings he describes christians as hypocrites and nihilists as even worse. How can you possibly think that he advocated a will to decadence?

He spoke of point in human existence (both personal and societal) when there is no longer a need for the preaching of morality because the human heart will have grown so strong and mind so clever that morality is immeddiately intrinsically understood and acted upon at once, even in the most complex of circumstances. The Superman.

Read the Genealogy of Morals, The Revaluation of All Values, The Antichrist, Thus Spake Zarathustra (and it's predecessor; The Madman), and The Will to Power and you will see what I mean.

What you are claiming is his master morality (western foolishness), is closer to the morality of the ultimate man than to that of the superman.

Cotys, I loved The Birth of Tragedy. It was the first book of his that I read and it got me interested in aesthetics. I believe it's a valuable book to this day for any writer or artist.

I am still a fan of his other works. But then, I am 25. If anything, I've noticed that I pick up on more of an underlying despondence/frustration in his other writings as I get older.


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