It’s a shame how Belarusians are mimicked here in Russia. I myself have some Belarusian origin from my father’s side and I can’t stand that Belarusians are called here sometimes “kolkhozniki” or “bulbashi”. On second thought Belarusians (ethnic) are honest and good people. Moscovits seem to be a little jealous of that Belarus has an older history and traditions. For example, on one Russian forum I found an opinion about Stary Olsa (whose music I really like). The poster said that he doesn’t like Stary Olsa because their music is “more European than Slavic”! God knows how sick I am of that Slavs are not considered European. Moreover, in Russia many ignorant people really say “Slavic” to mean “finno-ugric”! Why is it that in me country they don’t get that Slavic phenotype is not a small snub nose and big cheekbone? Moreover, in Russia they tend to think that Slavic means “blonde or fair-haired”. So fair-haired or grayish-haired Mordvins are considered Slavic while brown-haired Belarusians are considered “Polish”!  :'(