You are welcome to visit Belarus but if you come then expect to be stripped down, searched and possibly interrogated at every local security office. Oh, you will be on surveillance camera 24 hours day even when you go to take a piss. If you don’t like this, then the British Isles and Germany  have been popular destinations for many Poles.  :)

This Friday I came back from 5 days trip to Brest in Belarus. It was trip organized by my University and I definitely had no feeling that someone is lurking me. Except one time ,in big shopping center but well we could actually act a little bit weird for their standards. Even though I was standing out of most people in streets by my look (yup typical westernen with styled hair, white belt, fancy jeans.. :D😀 ) neither people or police officer seems to take much of interest in me.
There were few very hot girls which did, but that does not count.  ;D
Also, when we were on border control ,they just took our passports ,gave us fancy look and nothing else. Not even checking baggage. I had absolutely no problem there. Ordinary people actually thought that I am Belarusan cuz they always started talking to me in belarussian and were quite surprised when I told them I barely speak it.  :)