Hmm well, good to who? I have this view upon all that.

You say that monotheism is a natural evolution of polytheism? Yeah, I can agree with that. I wasn't trying to glorify paganism or say that we should revert to such a world view. As you said in that thread, rationalism is the dominant 'world view' in the 21st century.

Religion is no longer used to explain the natural phenomena but it still influences people's lifestyles and opinions. How many times have we seen people arguing over whose god / sect / interpretation is "the only true one?" Because of this monopoly on faith I prefer the way of the romans. Their cults were rather practical. For example: when going to war against a certain tribe they would actually pray to the god of the enemy to try to bribe that deity to their side. They never held their faith as exclusive.

Shouldn't we respect that?


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