True but Battle of the Frigidus was seen as a last standpoint of pagan Romans, especially heavily pagan military, that didn't want to live by the Christian values, thus it's great meaning. After that there was no such pagan Roman army and with Christian values their military principle changed and imo the decay started then.

Pentaz, I am speaking about historical facts you about your image of things.
Battle of Frigidus was Battle of legitimate Emperor and usurper. Both of them were Christians, majority of Romans were then Christians. Franks were absolutely uniterested in Roman history or Roman power, they were interested in their own wealth and power. Eugenius was oportunist who protection to pagan Roman senators. Roman army back then was mercenary, they could be Christians or pagans, depending of whom Emperor was paying. Decay of Roma Empire was something which started 200 years before this battle, decadence of Roman wirtue started 550 years before this battle. That is how thing went. Romaticised outlook on past could be applied in novels, poems etc. In History as scholary discipline… it is something unecessary.


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