Prelja, you are really attached to me this is fourth topic where you jump in. Well it flatters me :P

It is your pipe dream. Wake up, buddy. You overestimate yourself. My post was addressed to Pentaz, if you didn’t notice  :P

Romans did not particpated in battle on Pagan side. It was Emperor's Mercenaries – Goths and Usurper's mercenies Franks. :P Clashing between the Roman's two main religions was for the most part merely an academic debate, without threats of armed uprisings.
But who would expect from you to read something Prelja.

No-one expect from me anything. Especially you have no right to demand anything from me. I read what I wish, and I have no intention to share it with you. My statement had a general nature. Besides, please note that my post was addressed to Pentaz not to you, so please refrain from replaying to the things that don’t concern you. Every man is the architect of his own fortune, so go your own way and leave me alone, will you?


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