Must admit never heard of that. Thought they did worship their own Gods during military conquests.

On example month March, 3rd month of the years is named by the God of war Mars due to the reason March was the first "walkable" and "de-iced" month of the year when Romans could start their military campaign so for good luck they dedicated it to Mars.

I only heard this recently in my university class on ancient Rome. I was really surprised too. The greeks did it too. They would see foreign gods simply as different interpretations of their own gods so they would often merge the into in conquered lands. Especially in Ptolemaic Egypt. Here you can read a little about the religion in greek Egypt


There is even Greco-Buddhism which was the official philosophy of Baktria, a small greek kingdoms between india and Alexander's realm.

Who knew that religious pluralism existed 2000 years ago?  ;D Go pagans!


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